Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I take over as President of the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania in 2018.  Let me first extend my congratulations to our Past-President, Juan Baez, for his incredible leadership and for handing over to me a robust organization that has thrived under his vision.  I hope to be as successful in my stewardship of the organization in 2018.

I see this year as a pivotal year for Latinos in the legal profession.  We have many opportunities to weigh in on important legal issues:  ensuring fairness in dealing with the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico; securing justice in immigration policies; advocating for criminal justice improvements in areas that affect our community; making certain that economic development opportunities are justly employed in our community.   These are just a few examples of emerging legal issues in which Latino lawyers can make a difference through their individual and collective voices. 

To this end, the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania is committed to expanding opportunities for Latino lawyers and judges and to increasing the number of Latinos who choose to enter the field of law.  We also have many events planned this year that will provide lawyers and law students with opportunities to network and find mentors, to expand their professional development, and to become better equipped with information that will help them in their successful practice of law.

I am excited about our vision and the year ahead!  We welcome all attorneys to join us and network with us in our programs and events, and I hope that you will consider becoming a member of this vibrant organization.


Jacqueline C. Romero