Started by HBAPA board member and bankruptcy associate at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP Melissa Martinez, Cafecito is a women’s breakfast series.

What is the goal? The goal of the series is to create an informal and intimate environment for minority women attorneys to discuss challenges they are facing in the workplace and to benefit from the experience and advice of other attendees during a breakfast session before work.

Why is the session invite-only? We believe the smaller-group setting alows the attendees to work on building deeper relationships, rather than just more relationships—quality over quantity! This environment fosters open and honest discussion, and allows everyone the opoprtunity to share and participate. The sessions are capped at 20 or so attendees.

What is our long term goal? We would like to expand the audience to include more members from other affinity groups and perhaps bring in speakers for longer coaching sessions.

Interested in attending, presenting, or sponsoring? Reach out to